Sketching: Finalizing the ideas


Last few days I had 2 different directions that include 4 points and my job was to choose a direction, so it was either go with making something for people with social phobia or the ones without but showing them whats it like being in their shoes. After doing lots of sketching, drawing, and putting things together I have managed to design for the people with social phobia. I have mentioned before about slapstick and humour, health and safety is an important deal so my project had to be very carefully organized and by saying that I meant that I had an idea that would involve tricks and pranks to develop my project by using techniques and methods of a clown. (I enjoyed knowing more about the origin of the phrase “clown”:

From that I came up with 2 different projects and will be deciding on 1 soon. The first idea was having 4 different objects displayed on 4 plynths and the objects are a cream pie, a bang flag gun, flower that would spray water, and a red nose. With the help of Arduino and sensors, whenever somone walks towards one display it would give a feedback according to the object itself. The other idea was making a booth that people can stand inside and using Processing to track people’s face and replace them with animated or cartoon images without the person outside knowing what’s happening inside.

Time to prototype and do some testing!


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