Prototyping and testing 1

The final concept has been decided.

I have used both projects and made them one big project. 2 plinths and a booth. The plinths are a way to exert physical contact and humour with anticipation, they will have 2 boxes that would need winding, 1 object is a gun that will fire a flag with the sign “BANG” on it and the other will have a flower that will spray water. The booth is a way to avoid eye contact with others but still have the sense of comfort and laughter where the person will go inside, watch people through the cam from outside with different cartoon images and the outside not knowing who’s inside and with 2 available gloves to interact with the people passing by.

Starting with the idea of eye contact (booth) I have tested it on my own classmates and see their reaction and how they would respond if they couldn’t see and they can only use their hands. And to be quite honest, it was very funny.


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