Mind mapping: Social Phobia


My dissertation is about how interaction design can use humour to influence the behaviour of people with social anxiety and I’m trying to relate my project to something according to that topic or something similar. Mind mapping is a technique used to visualize the different branches of a subject and try to construct the thoughts and ideas into smaller pieces so by doing that it allows the designer to display all the different possibilities and examine the options. Social anxiety is a big topic but it has been diagnosed as a mental health disorder so makes my tribe contained. Writing down the most important aspects that I’m trying to focus on and taking the main points apart makes things easier to apprehend and take things into consideration.

I am a kind of a person that one thought could lead to 10 ideas, sometimes it isn’t the best way to go but it helps me see the possibilities and recapture the reason of that idea and use it according to my research. From the mind mapping I have managed to finalize with 4 points; Eye contact, box(darkness), physical activity, and laughter. Eye contact and box come under the same category where the direction is the people who don’t have social phobia and can make them be in the shoes of  a socially anxious person and physical activity and laughter come under one category where I can develop something for people with social phobia that helps them see life differently.


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