Stage 1: Creativity and Playfullness

This is the beginning of the research of my dissertation and project

I was very interested in the idea of creativity and how as adults we don’t “play” as we used to as kids. Kids can turn anything into joy and fun, they are never embarrassed about showing off their games, scrabbles, paintings, and the mess but adults take into consideration what other people think. I got encouraged by a TED talk “Tales of Creativity and Play” by Tim Brown back in 2008, people who do childlike activities helps them in becoming more innovative and coming up with new ideas.

A child plays with anything in sight, could be a paper, a box, a blanket, and they use for multiple reasons according to their own type of games and not necessarily  for their original use. People are more creative when they are children, more freedom and more opportunities and no judgement, just fun. It’s about time adults use back that method in design.


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