Start of Thesis and Final Major Project

Legs shaking, eyes twirling, and nail biting; this is how it all starts. These are some of the habits that happen to some people that have a problem expressing themselves in social situations. Heart beat racing, sweating, and turning yellow are definitely not a good sign, it’s not because you’ve been jogging but that also happens when the spotlight is on you and you are not ready to expose. We all have anxiety but there are others that have an excessive fear of judgment and worry before, during, and after social situations and this means one thing, social- phobia.

Have you ever felt nervous speaking to someone? Showing your interest in something? Ever held back what you think or want to say? Sometimes it is more than you think; sometimes it is social phobia, which is also known as social anxiety disorder. Social phobia is the fear of social interactions and having self- conscious concerns about being judged or assessed by others. It’s not always easy to start a conversation mainly when you are worried about saying the wrong thing or embarrassing yourself in front of your peers or even strange people.


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