Speculative Design Final Outcome


What if I can design something that makes people become or act like a tree? Probably adding a Nano technology into their DNA, which requires more scientific research? Or how about a simpler direction by making their clothes and accessories that they use daily to help do the job? I tried to find a textile or fashion designer to present my idea but I wanted something bit more exciting so I contacted a jewellery designer to draw some ideas.

The jewellery designer, who wants her name to be private, has designed the above jewellery that looks like leaves and flowers will be able to do photosynthesis, with more designs to come like watches, straps, rings and it will include accessories for men too. With the time that I had I couldn’t present a physical object for the speculative object and that is disappointing but it was very useful to see the world from different perspective and think about the future from an unusual point of view.

Speculative design project has been exciting in a way that it helps us, as designers, to think and use our imagination to enhance the possibilities and open the opportunity to get a different perspective of the world and future. It’s not important to actually solve the problem but it should allow designers to use different ways and ideologies to reflect their ideas and raise awareness and assumptions. It is good to think about the future but it’s the way we think of it and what we need to improve by looking through the past, living the present, and thinking about the future.


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