Post-Anthropocene progress

I’ve been doing some research, collaboration, discussions, and expanding ideas (National History Museum, UCL professor Saul Purton, Julian Melchiorri) regarding the topic of the increase in Carbon Dioxide (CO2) in the future because of the increase in deforestation. What can we do to help the universe from suffering from the excessive amount of CO2 our world is getting? Photosynthesis is the major and most important process that takes in CO2 and gives Oxygen (O2), so I wanted to provide a device that will help the trees and plants with this process. A large scale device that will be placed in the forests, by using solar power and water and Stoma (used to control gas exchange) with addition to algae that also takes in CO2 and in addition it is a soil additive, health supplement, bioremediation agent, and energy source. The photosynthesis process is :

Carbon Dioxide CO2 + Water H2O  –Sunlight–> Glucose C6H12O6 + Oxygen O2

The device (shape and colour might change) will be divided from top to bottom with these requirements to increase the process and help our forests in the future and making it part of the forest and our lives.


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