Collaboration Project

Zoo Animal Captivity

Is it really fun to see animal is cages? Don’t they deserve to be where they belong?

My goal is to deliver a message to the visitors of the zoo and instead of taking pictures and videos, maybe think about how those animals are feeling not being in their own habitat and living the “wild” life. We can see that more interaction with these animals have changed over the years, lots of videos on the Internet show surprising relationships between people and the wild animals, maybe that could be a starting point for the audience to start taking into consideration. I am hoping to get in touch with different zoos, animal rights communities, zookeepers, and animal rights activists and foundations (Faunalytics, Animal Equality, Animal Rights, Animal Farm, ZSL, PETA, Battersea Park) to get more information of how they are dealing with this situation and how we can produce a project that can send a meaningful interpretation of my project’s context. Then I will determine which field of communication I will use to contribute the idea to our society in an interactive way.

As an example; One way to go is by replacing the animals with people and see if the reactions are the same and what would people think of that.



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  1. I think this is a really cool project! Have you seen the movie Madagascar? this may sound silly but it may help to look into what happens when these animals go back in the wild. However I think it would be interesting to find out if animals in cages can be transformed into something better which would benefit both parties or transform all zoo’s to a Jurassic world type of atmosphere, check out this link as well – This is Jj, I didnt want to make a wordpress account lol


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